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December 13, 2021 2 min read

With the holidays right around the corner, good food is top of mind (right?!). While we don’t experience the typical White Christmas here in Hawaii, there is a distinct and subtle shift as we transition into the rainy season, around early to mid November. This time signals a slowing down and turning inward, a time of harvest and celebration, traditionally marked by the Makahiki games that were held each year around the harvest. Presently, this season is marked by darker seas, ocean swell that brings surf with it, crisper skies, and a chill that lingers through cooler temperatures and earlier settings of the sun.

Foods become heartier, warmer, and more nourishing - even here, those stick-to-the-bone meals have a place in the kitchen. However you honor and celebrate this shift in season, through Christmas celebrations, Hanukah, or otherwise, there’s a place for honey to sweeten your meals and treats. We’ve lined up a few of our personal favorite holiday pairings for you, so you can add a touch of sweetness to your table and your hearth.

Select Holiday Honey Pairings

Consider our Christmas Berry Blossom Honey to glaze your Glazed Ham

Utilize Eucalyptus Blossom Honey to sweeten and enrich a robust Chai Tea or Puerh Black Tea

Drizzle Lehua Blossom Honey over vanilla ice cream for a sweet treat

Add Kiawe Blossom Honey to your whiskey sour in lieu of sugar, for a subtle, clean sweetness

Reach for Java Plum Blossom Honey to accompany your charcuterie board, adding a bright and fruity kick of contrast

Embolden a massaged Kale and Pomegranate salad with a balsamic - Summer Blossom Honey dressing

And as we often say, you might simply like to enjoy Wai Meli Honey by the spoonful. Either way, you’ll be infusing your winter time dishes and drinks with a rich taste of living goodness.