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Macadamia Blossom Honey - 5oz

This year’s macadamia nut blossom honey, harvested in February of 2022,  is rich with prominent notes of toffee, smooth caramel undertones from a bit of eucalyptus blossom nectar that snuck in to the hives, and a consistency to match. It boasts a deliciously creamy mouthfeel that just melts on the tongue. As all of our harvests, this varietal is a unique one-off blend. Enjoy this rich honey on toast with butter or as a medicinal spoonful. In stock until we sell out, then back again next year in a fresh and nuanced form.

Net Weight: 5oz

Location: Pa'auilo Mauka

Taste Profile: Rich, Smooth, Notes of Toffee and Caramel Undertones

Pairs Well With: Pumpkin Spice, Aged Cheeses, Dark Chocolate