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Christmas Berry Blossom Honey - 5 oz

Also known as Brazilian Pepper or Wililaiki in Hawaiian, this non-native tree blossoms each year at a time when few other trees are flowering, making it an important crop for our honeybees. It provides a food source for the bees during this dearth period, and lucky for us, it also makes for a delightful honey! 

The bright notes and well-balanced flavors in this harvest contain a hint of spiciness. This honey also has a subtle green hue in its meniscus, a reminder of the intense floral source from which it originates.

Net weight: 5 ounces.

Location: Kapa'au

Taste Profile: Bright notes, well-balanced flavors, a hint of spiciness

Pairs Well With: Glazed meats, apple slices, rooibos tea